About A41 Group

A41 GROUP is a privately-held company.

The A41 GROUP is a new style aviation leasing and management company. Our approach and methodology is directed at the airline and their needs. This makes us more flexible and affordable to an airline than any other company out there. We provide unique and effective engineering in addition to technical and financial solutions. We assist airlines in building, maintaining and extracting the greatest value from their fleet.

Our Tailored Services Include:

Aircraft and Engine Leasing & Financing

There are a wide variety of leasing options available. A41 Group excels at offering you the best option available.

Aircraft and Engine Deliveries

A41 Group can do an aircraft and engine inspection and ferry your aircraft anywhere worldwide and on time.

Aircraft and Engine Maintenance Management

A41 Group offers aircraft and engine maintenance management services – from shop selection to contract negotiations.

Aviation Leasing and Management Services