Aircraft and Engine Leasing & Financing

Flexibility and affordability is key to the structure of a lease.

Leasing an aircraft can be a more effective alternative to the outright purchase for a variety of reasons. These reasons range from practicality to cash flow. There are a wide variety of leasing options available, each with specific advantages and disadvantages. A41 Group can offer you the best option available.

A41 Group’s strength revolves around a knowledgeable, professional and highly experienced management team. Their expertise enables them to offer flexible and uniquely structured financing alternatives to airline lessees.

At A41 Group, we have direct and extensive relationships with many of the world’s leading airlines. This allows us to offer operating leases that can provide your airline immediate liquidity, flexible fleet planning or simply eliminating residual value risk. In addition to many other benefits, we also specialize in the continuous remarketing and strategic acquisitions of high quality aircraft.

Our Services Include:

Pre-purchase Assessment: We can perform full physical inspections (including BSI), technical data pack review and LLP review for engines/APUs which you wish to evaluate for purchase. A complete technical report and financial evaluation is provided

Return Lease Assessment: Our qualified engineers can perform a full physical inspection (including BSI), records review, and hours/cycles calculations, LLP tracking, AD/SB review and data pack compilation to ensure that you are in compliance with your return lease requirements. This service is offered to lessors and lessees

Borescope Inspections (BSI): We can perform on-request borescope inspections of engines and APUs in situ or on-wing in partnership with Aircraft Inspection & Management LLC

Records audit and compilation: We offer two services:

Basic review of engine/APU operating records and component trace and advice on missing documents

Compile complete technical data package (in print and CD format), including research and retrieval of missing documents

Spare parts and GSE procurement

  • Inventory Leasing
  • Inventory Sale
  • Inventory Management Services

Aviation Leasing and Management Services